Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bluephies Downtown Deli

  You can't help but get excited about the newest Food Fight, Inc. restaurant when you spend the day working with Bill Horzuesky, chef & owner of the original Bluephies on Monroe Street. Bill & his wife Melanie are thrilled to bring new options to the Bluephies Downtown Deli’s takeout style menu. Soft openings for the deli are scheduled for April 20-21.  

  We spent the day capturing fresh out of the oven quiches, and other baked goods but it was the packed & stacked paninis that really made the statement of what the new restaurant will be about. From the web site: "We're looking forward to doing some fun food," said Horzuesky, noting that "99 percent of everything is going to be either eco-friendly or biodegradable for takeout." For the entire story and details on some of the new specialty sandwiches, please check out

  For those of you who can't wait till the opening, here's a few selections from the new menu, enjoy! 

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