Friday, February 11, 2011

Papa Jimmy's

Friday was an amazing day of great Italian food from Papa Jimmy's Pizzeria. Papa Jimmy's has been a family owned business in Cottage Grove for 13 years. With the opening of his new restaurant and with the  help of Sarah Hurley of Weber Marketing Jimmy knew it was time to take the next step- great photography of his delicious food.

It can be difficult for any major restaurant chain to take the plunge into a full-on photography campaign so imagine the trust that Jimmy, a small independent restaurant acknowledged with this project. As a small business owner myself, I take great pride in helping businesses grow and succeed. The theme for the marketing campaign is, "warm and inviting". We took this same direction with the photography by working on wood surfaces, selective focus and lighting that felt intimate and pulled you in to almost taste the food. Tamara Kaufman made her magic happen with the food styling but also noted that Papa Jimmy's was using the best in fresh ingredients which helped make everything look mouth watering.

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